5 Reasons why Digital Campaigns Fail

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28 May, 2020

There are many reasons why a digital marketing campaign fails. And its in these many failures that we can gather up all the leanings and put them together to offer some insight into why campaigns fail.

1. Picking the Wrong Campaign Objective

-Before opening up the ads manager, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want this campaign to do whether that be more traffic, reach, awareness, of conversion.

-As most of advertisers know, you need 50+ weekly conversions in order to fully optimize a conversion campaign. This is true, but even if you're getting 20-30 weekly conversions, facebook can still partially optimize the campaign, or get close to optimization. A partially optimized conversion campaign will still do better than a traffic, reach, or awareness campaign.

2. Judging Results Early

-In most situations, you need to wait 3-7 days before making any tweaks to your campaigns. If you are constantly shutting down ads after a day or two, you could be losing $$$ and you would never know.

-Know that we are running ads to people not objects. It takes time for a person to make a decision to purchase.

3. Neglecting Creative
-The difference between great copy and bad copy is the money in your pocket. Professional creative can cut your customer acquisition costs by 30%, 40%, or even 50%.

-The creative of an ad is what your potential customers are seeing and is what gets the person to take action and buy, so hiring a copywriter, videographer, or photographer will improve your chances of getting the sale dramatically

4. "We just can't seem to find the right audience"

-Targeting is very important in finding the right audience but often times the issue lay in that their offer, copy, or the creative isn't perceived as attractive, which will always result in a failed campaign.

-Use LAA's and the Audience Insights tool to help find your audience, but if the copy and creative is poor, you're leaving customers on the table.

5. Overcomplicating Your Sales Funnel

-Simple Product/Service=Simple Sales Funnel
-If your product or service isn't hundreds or thousands of dollars, having a 8-9 step funnel will create too much drop off and your CPA will go up.

-Keep it simple and run a direct-to-offer conversion campaign.

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