Checklist to Launch on DMS

Remember Preparation is the Key!

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29 September, 2020

Checklist to Launching on DMS: 

•    Start an email list.
•    Use the free tools such as HubSpot or your own excel spreadsheet.
•    Find out who on your email list is also on Facebook & LinkedIn and focus on them
•    Join relevant groups
•    Join Slack or Facebook groups of fellow entrepreneurs or people who are in your niche
•    Get to know and help people in these groups
•    Don’t Be Spammy!

Start this at least 2 weeks to 1 month before the launch
•    Create an Excel file with the supporters you’re counting on
•    Add all of your (and your team’s) friends that are also on Facebook, twitter LinkedIn etc
•    Look for levers — who is an influencer or has a massive following?
•    Who upvoted similar products that are in the same space on PH?
•    Prepare your messages
•    Prepare your email to your list & email templates
•    Prepare your Facebook & LinkedIn posts
•    Prepare your tweets
•    Remember: Don’t ask for votes 😊
•    Prepare images you’ll share on Facebook Linkedin & Twitter and other channels

Start this on the Launch Day
•    Update all your social profiles announcing you are being featured on DMS
•    Send out your email newsletter to your built-up email list
•    Post your messages to the relevant Facebook & Slack groups
•    Post on Facebook and LinkedIn 3-4 times tag in @Digitalmediasearch both on Linkedin & facebook so we can see the work your putting in.
•    Post on any social accounts where you have a massive and engaged following
•    Include a Photo / Video whenever you can
•    Reply to comments on your DMS page as soon as you can
•    Reach out to any influencers you have on your list
•    Message everybody in your supporters Excel sheet
•    Make the message as personal as possible. 
•    See who is currently online in Slack chats and talk to them 1-on-1
•    Remember: #Hustle.

Start this the day after launch day
•    Thank everybody who helped with the launch
•    This is another opportunity to convert them into potential customer’s email 
•    When you thank people, say it with a giphy!

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