Launching your Product on Digital Media Search

Digital Media Search’s Products Showroom is the key to Australia’s Market and where Entrepreneurs go to get their digital products in front of a direct audience

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29 September, 2020

Either if your starting out or have a digital product already in market the aim is to get as much traction as possible and increase the footprint and exposure of your company. Digital Media Search can deliver users and exposure immediately and continually over time depending on how well you execute on listing on the Digital Media Search.

To maximise this, you need to plan it properly but it is also super simple!

Why do it properly? Well you only have one chance of listing on Digital media search, and with 4000+ weekly visitors to the site why wouldn’t you want to do it right? 

“Reward…. Plus, if you do it right DMS will reward you by sending out your product to their entire community, putting your product in front to of more people”.

Entrepreneurs are always hustling and need to maintain the rage in trying to grow their company and products need traction and Digital Media Search gives a special audience to launch to…. other Entrepreneurs, Tech Enthusiasts and Early digital product adopters.
Through any successful launch of a product its usually the first adopters that breathe the life into the product case in point UBER, Airbnb

What is the secret sauce?
Because the product room is designed to rank products higher through votes received, in order to win you will have to gather a team together, plan ahead and put what you can into the launch because soon enough if you don’t, it will be hard to feature high enough over time on the page or against your categories to be seen.  

How to Launch on Digital Media Search

Step #1: Build a support network/community

Good News is that anyone can launch on Digital Media Search.  Bad news is that…well there is no bad news but you have to do a little work yourself to have a successful listing.
So, if you do not have a large network to support you, make sure you build your community at least a month months before your planned launch.
In order to get a lot of traction and support for your product early on, you’ll need some friends and connections to give your product some traction early on.
Where can you get these connections? Wherever they hang out.
Australia does not have a huge entrepreneurial community but none the less some of the most successful companies have come out of Australia recently through growing locally first.
Some of the easiest to get into are the likes of facebook groups such as Sydney Startup’s, Melboune Startups and Brisbane Startups groups.  Of these, Sydney Startups is probably the most active however posts can be very quickly lost if not commented on.

Choose the communities you want to be a member of based on your interests. Don’t just join any community and start spamming people. Instead, be helpful, supportive and if you can, be helpful.  Give back and be active.

The most crucial resource you will need is an email list.  Yes, that is right email is not dead and it has some of the most successful open rates of all the mediums. 
Note…For people to vote and comment on your product, all they need is an account signed in through email or Facebook

How do you fill this list?

Go through your (plus your product’s and your team’s) Facebook account, both through the people you’re following and the ones who follow you, to see which are the names and faces you recognize that you think would want to help you succeed in your launch.
Another good source of potential votes is your already available email list. 

So…He is tip #1, Educate yourself and others about DMS
Educate your email list about Digital Media Search. DMS is a new community so there will be a lot of people that don’t know what its about nor just inviting them to sign up to DMS will be met with barriers as a lot of people do not like doing this as much anymore, and need to have confidence in what they are signing up for that it is legitimate.

Tip # 2 People love an exclusive offer
If you have an exclusive offer such as discounts or free offerings, make sure you include this in your product listing

Preparing your message
Always be creative, stand out and be personal. It is important that you are not spamming your connections as you never know what they may turn off to and you may never get them back. Personalise your communications to the i.e. for people you know well and for people you do not know so well.

Remember: you should not ask for upvotes directly! 
Do not be desperate!  You are looking for feedback and users at the end of the day so just asking for votes will not help you get the traction you need. Not publicly and from people you barely or do not know anyway.

Step #2 Your Product Profile
Make it Count!
DMS have designed the product profile pages minimalistic so as to keep it short and punch and to protect yourself from over doing it 😊

Tip #1.  Use a gif file for your logo.  But be careful not to overdo it, be catchy and relevant to your product.

Tip #2.  Include a product video explainer.  Your profile allows for you to include a Youtube embed code into your profile.  This will help people get a good understanding of your product, how to use it and how it could benefit them.  Remember to only use the URL section of the embed code when placing into your profile as per the below:
Tip #3.  Use brief explanations of your product. Be succinct and clear.  

Tip #4.  If you have been featured in a news article use it!  The profiles allow for you to include URL’s that may give more context to your product and validity so use these to your advantage.  

Step #3 The Launch Day
So now that your product is appearing in the showroom — it’s go time!

Tip #1.  Update your Social Profiles, LinkedIn & Facebook that you have just been listed on DMS and include your DMS product link.  Say something like “Hey our product xxx has just been featured on DMS, looking for reviews and feedback if you the time today”.
Do this especially for your Facebook & LinkedIn accounts, both the company’s and your own and your teams.

Tip #2. Send out your newsletter emails. You should have these prepared and personalised based on the connection that they are.

Tip #3. Put out messages on all the relevant Facebook groups you are a part of. Try to tailor the message for the particularities of each group. Try to put it as a picture + the text + the link. Picture posts get higher engagement. Remember Do not Be Spammy!
Also send out the link to all the different Slack groups you are a part of, on the public channels. Here as well, make the message personal and ask for honest feedback on your product.

Comments on your Product page
If your product is interesting or polarizing, you will start to get comments on your product page.

Tip #4. Check the comments page regularly in case someone starts to comment. Respond to your comments as soon as you can. This in turn will bring more comments and will show larger engagement. 

Tip #5 Reach out to any influencers you might have on the list. Make the message concise and personal and hope for an endorsement from them.

Tip #6 Go through your personal list and message them personally (this is outside of your email messaging).

Tip #7 Think outside the box…who can you engage that might give you more than 1 set of eyes on your product?  It could be a friend who has a team.  Maybe call them and ask for a favour.


Checklist to Launching on DMS: Remember Preparation is the Key!

•    Start an email list.
•    Use the free tools such as HubSpot or your own excel spreadsheet.
•    Find out who on your email list is also on Facebook & LinkedIn and focus on them
•    Join relevant groups
•    Join Slack or Facebook groups of fellow entrepreneurs or people who are in your niche
•    Get to know and help people in these groups
•    Don’t Be Spammy!

Start this at least 2 weeks to 1 month before the launch
•    Create an Excel file with the supporters you’re counting on
•    Add all of your (and your team’s) friends that are also on Facebook, twitter LinkedIn etc
•    Look for levers — who is an influencer or has a massive following?
•    Who upvoted similar products that are in the same space on PH?
•    Prepare your messages
•    Prepare your email to your list & email templates
•    Prepare your Facebook & LinkedIn posts
•    Prepare your tweets
•    Remember: Don’t ask for votes 😊
•    Prepare images you’ll share on Facebook Linkedin & Twitter and other channels

Start this on the Launch Day
•    Update all your social profiles announcing you are being featured on DMS
•    Send out your email newsletter to your built-up email list
•    Post your messages to the relevant Facebook & Slack groups
•    Post on Facebook and LinkedIn 3-4 times tag in @Digitalmediasearch both on Linkedin & facebook so we can see the work your putting in.
•    Post on any social accounts where you have a massive and engaged following
•    Include a Photo / Video whenever you can
•    Reply to comments on your DMS page as soon as you can
•    Reach out to any influencers you have on your list
•    Message everybody in your supporters Excel sheet
•    Make the message as personal as possible. 
•    See who is currently online in Slack chats and talk to them 1-on-1
•    Remember: #Hustle.

Start this the day after launch day
•    Thank everybody who helped with the launch
•    This is another opportunity to convert them into potential customer’s email 
•    When you thank people, say it with a giphy!


Ready to Launch on Digital Media Search?

Winning one of the top spots on Digital Media Search will give you traffic for free.  It should be done correctly don’t you think?


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