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21 June, 2020

Did you know that 96% of visitors to your website aren’t ready to buy anything, at least for their first visit anyway? Yes, that’s right. What this means is that you can only expect to persuade at least 4% of your traffic to purchase your offerings the first time they set foot on your site or landing page.

That’s quite a significant chunk of potential customers that you’re losing out on! The good news is that there are ways to bring back these lost statistics and perhaps encourage them to buy the second or third time. This is where retargeting comes in.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting or remarketing is a type of online advertising which is meant to put your brand in front of people who have already visited your website. Looking at the statistic above, retargeting is designed to help these companies reach the remaining 96% or so of users who did not convert right away.

A cookie-based technology is used in retargeting, which employs Javascript code that anonymously attaches to your audience around the Internet. This code then provides information to your retargeting provider to let them know when to serve your potential customers your ads. In this manner, the cookie ensures that only those who have gone to your landing page or website are being served with your ads.

Importance of Retargeting

There are many reasons why people who delve into e-commerce business would want to go for remarketing or retargeting. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that remarketing can offer you today.

It Improves Brand Awareness

Simply being exposed to your target audience is a powerful concept. The more a person sees your brand and name around, the higher the chances they will choose you. The reason for this is straightforward: they are more aware of you than others – making you more trusted in their eyes.

Many consumers who search for products online aren’t ready to buy right away. But if they are already familiar with a particular company, and know what they offer, there is a better probability that these people will convert into paying customers.

You Get Better Conversion Rates

When you can place yourself in front of users for the second time, you have a higher likelihood that they will convert into customers on the second pass. Retargeting lets you re-engage with people who are already aware of your brand.

Perhaps a person has checked out your About Us or Home page or even added something on their cart, but leaves without buying anything. Serving them retargeted ads will give you more chances of that individual completing their purchase.

You Can Promote Other Items

Users can tailor their retargeting ads to be quite strategic. For instance, a person that has visited your home page but was not able to convert can be shown a similar ad that shows other products in your inventory that may interest them. This can work quite well especially when you have other goods that match the search history of a potential customer

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Top Platforms for Retargeting Ads

Now that you’ve been acquainted with retargeting ads, there’s no doubt that they indeed work. It’s sensible to promote your shop to those consumers that have already shown interest in a product you offer.

With that said, let’s now move on to the best platforms that you can leverage today for your retargeting campaigns.

Google Ads

Google is truly a search giant and a powerful platform to do retargeting. They describe their remarketing service as a means to show ads to people that have visited a site or even used a mobile application. Their retargeting capability allows e-commerce stores to reconnect with their potential buyers even after they have left by way of showing ads that are relevant to them.

When you use its ad service, Google AdWords, you can create lists of targeted individuals. These can be people that have added your product to their basket but never completed the checkout process. A huge benefit of using Google Ads is that it has quite an ideal success rate with regards to ROI.

There are several types of retargeting being offered by Google Ads today:

Standard – these ads show up for previous site visitors whenever they browse the Web
Dynamic – this type of ad makes your content more relevant to people by showing them certain products that they have already seen at your site
Remarketing lists for search ads – whenever users search Google for a product, the search giant displays your ad
Video – ads show up to people once they have watched your videos on YouTube or other channels


Another platform that you can rely on when it comes to retargeting is the social media giant. Its significant reach makes the platform an ideal place to do retargeting – especially since it has a billion active users and counting.

An extension of the popular Facebook Ads is the platform’s very own Customer Audiences. It works by making a Facebook pixel that users add to their site, which then lets them build their custom audience. Furthermore, this allows them to create lists intended for particular sets of audiences that are based on the pages they visit on your site, or from an email subscription list.


Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it’s only right that they also use an excellent retargeting system. The social media network has more than 300 million users and is being used even by famous celebrities who then share stories and images to their followers.

Instagram continues to grow in popularity, so it only makes sense that you should check it out as a retargeting platform. It works pretty much like Facebook ads where you set up an account, target an audience, and launch your campaign.


With the retargeting solution offered by Twitter, you simply install a Twitter pixel on your website, so it collects cookie IDs from your visitors. This then matches them to users on Twitter. Its Tailored Audiences may be used in a few ways.

Lists – you can use email addresses or Twitter handles to target specific users
Web – this lets you focus on people that have visited your website and is also enabled via the Twitter’s website tag
Mobile apps – this uses the data gathered from mobile app user activity


There are several solutions available with ReTargeter, including Web, Facebook, Audience, CRM, Dynamic Retargeting, as well as Search options. Based on the ReTargeter site, they provide users with the best technology to help brands reach the traffic that they fail to convert.

The platform works by putting a pixel on your site so it can identify users and then target them with ads from your business as they browse the Web. ReTargeter focuses more on the major sites that bring in more than 30,000 unique visitors every month. They also prioritise bigger marketing budgets, so smaller business that wishes to delve into retargeting may want to start with the more affordable choices first.


The pride of AdRoll sits in its capability of offering a wide variety of digital marketing techniques to its users. These tactics include connecting with e-commerce sites such as Magento and Shopify, as well as marketing tools like Marketo and MailChimp. AdRoll also lets you bring back people via abandoned shopping carts while also uses display ads as a reminder to people who visited your website.

The technology behind AdRoll is quite impressive: boasting a processing power of 34 million signals into 2.5 million marketing predictions every second. Furthermore, AdRoll easily integrates with Facebook, Google, and many other marketplaces and exchanges for driving conversions.

Perfect Audience

With Perfect Audience’s retargeting capability, you get mobile, dynamic, web, and Facebook retargeting features. Installing the platform’s tracking code will let you get started. Users can gather information such as on-page and website visitors, people that clicked on an event, or individuals who accessed your emails. Perfect Audience also works well with popular networks like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, and more.


Although not as popular, Criteo offers a retargeting solution that has been the favourite of companies like Sony and BMW. The platform provides retargeting solutions that have access to 16,00 publishers as well as a high-quality inventory. The networks that you can connect with it include Instagram, Facebook, and advertising through Google.


Last but not the least is Sitescout, which works by adding a pixel to your website or landing page to develop your audience list. The platforms work best when used by businesses that are capable of generating big audience lists.

Final Thoughts....

Retargeting is an essential aspect that e-commerce businesses should start leveraging today. Its ability to bring back people and increase the chances of converting them to customers is highly sought after. Remarketing is truly a solution that can help you reach your target audience and improve your bottom line.

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