What is a marketing funnel? and what does it mean for my business?

Clear Directions & Marketing Angles

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28 May, 2020

What is a marketing funnel and what does it mean for my business?

To have a clear direction of the marketing angle you want to take, you need to know your sales funnel. To make a long story short, a sales funnel is your customer journey. It's how you take a person who is unaware of your business to a customer.

Typically a funnel will look something like the diagram I provided at the bottom of the post. Having 6 parts to the puzzle: Unaware->Problem Aware->Solution Aware->Product Aware->Ready to Buy->New Customer

Unaware: The potential customer doesn't know the problem they are facing and doesn't know your company

Problem Aware: The potential customer knows of the problem they are facing

Solution Aware: The potential customer knows how to fix the problem

Product Aware: The potential knows of your product and your company

Ready To Buy: The customer is now intrigued and eager to fix their problem. They may search around and see other company's similar products at this time and will make a decision on which product they want

New Customer: You've got a sale! (Obviously)

Now you know the bare basics of what a funnel is and how it works. As we only work with ecommerce brand here at TTYF, I'll give a rundown of what you can do to create a funnel with facebook ads.

For each stage of awareness, there is a different way of approaching the potential customer:

1.) Unaware: Tell stories, informational videos, quotes. Keep it minimal and low friction

2.) Problem Aware:Checklists, quizzes, lists, research.

3.) Solution Aware: Tutorials, white-papers, ultimate guides, case studies, strategies.

4.) Product Aware: Reviews, testimonials, benefits, comparisons, trials/samples.

5.) Purchase: Webinar, free consultation, urgency and scarcity, discounts, bonuses.

Each stage of awareness will require a different angle of attack, but when you know your product is a winner, we can start to condense this funnel into one ad. (This works well with lower ad budgets)

Doing this will show the person their problem, show them how to fix it, show your product, and eventually buy your product. We want to evoke emotion when creating our ads because as marketers, we all know that we are trying to create emotion in our selling to invoke an urge to fix their problem.

Your sales funnel should be like a child to you. You want to constantly be updating and testing your ads to ensure you're getting the highest ROI possible on ad spend.

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