What You Need to Know About SEO Link Outreach

What Is Outreach?

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17 May, 2020

Navigating the Web via your SEO campaign is a lengthy trip that becomes easier when there are outreach links available. The reason for this is simple: these links serve as the bridge that connects you to other organisations as well as your targets to improve your overall SEO.

The great thing about these outreach links is because they have the potential to help build your business up with others by way of using top quality, niche-relevant and authoritative content.

An example of good outreach the guys at Edge had reached out to me for an inclusion on upcoming blog and the way the email came across it allowed room for future working relationships. So hat tip the guys there.

To get started, let’s first take a closer look at what backlink outreach for SEO is.

What Is Outreach?

Outreach is basically a proactive approach in obtaining backlinks that direct to your website. This strategy is done by contacting other website owners to get these links. The process itself can include any technique of communication, but it normally happens via social media or email. The proactive approach in reaching out to others allows a website owner to acquire links faster and at a much higher rate compared to just waiting for these opportunities to come by.

Investing time in doing outreach can improve one’s traffic for their website. And the more people who visit, the higher the chances of conversion. That is why many experts recommend reaching out to others to form backlinks that can be beneficial to both parties.

“I approach outreach as an exchange of value between myself and the person I am talking to on the other side of that email. I may not have the exact thing that they want but I can work with them on an alternative so that everyone wins.”

Nigel Fisher

How Do I Start A Link Outreach Campaign?

Now that you know what outreach is all about and the benefits that come with this approach, you might be wondering how you can get started. We’ve created a short guide that will explain to you the steps we normally take when doing outreach for our clients.

This is not a die hard all hands on deck process its for speaking with your manufacturers and suppliers as an example and starting the conversation around helping out a mate get s listing on their website as a valuable supplier or source. There are many ways to spin it but this works for every industry and every website type regardless of size. In fact the only way this wouldn’t work for you is if your were bad at what you do and had a poor reputation as a business person. So unless you are terrible at business and building relationships with people then this is not for you.

Step 1: Identifying Sites Relevant to Your Brand
The purpose of this step is to make sure that your links are as relevant as possible to your business, but are not your direct competitors. The higher the relevance of the links, the easier it is for visitors to see the logic in the approach.

To get started, we recommend that you start brainstorming some ideas of sites that could be the same as yours. For instance, you can begin by thinking about the city or state you’re operating in, the products your customers might be buying and the like. You should also think about the thought leaders in your industry and the brands of the products that you use often.

Franchise stores
Shopping center outlets
Industry associations
Location associations
Sites that provide same but different sub-services to you
The more ideas you can think of, the better.

Step 2: Finding the Sites to Get Links From
You can quickly do a few Google searches to know the potential websites you can acquire beneficial links from. Such searches make use of a hidden Google feature known as “Search Operators” which can pinpoint concepts with Google while providing extra options in locating web pages.

Using the search operator “intitle:” you can get Google to show you pages that contain certain terms within their title. The two terms that you will be using are “resources” and “links”.

What you want to do is to search for websites that link back to resources. The ideal scenario, therefore, is that they will then list you as one of the resources that can be trusted on their site. Keep in mind however that most websites will not easily get you listed, which is why this part of the process will take some time to do.

How to Determine a Worthy Link?

Deciding if the link you wish to obtain is worth your time and effort is crucial before you go ahead and contact the site owners. You can do this by checking at least a couple of websites to ensure that the target you have in mind has the authority you need.

Three websites you can use are Majestic, Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer/Moz. Each of them comes with a free and paid service, with the former allowing the use of their site analysis tool for a few days.

For Majestic, you have two scores you’d want to keep an eye on, trust flow and citation flow. Trust flow is the measurement of how trustworthy a website is while citation flow is the amount and strength of its backlinks. Websites that have more than five points on both categories can be considered as a worthy place to get links from.

The metrics for Ahrefs are “Ahrefs Domain Rank and “URL Rank”. Compared to the other two listed here, the way Ahrefs calculates websites is done in a different manner. What you want is to look for URL ranks between 7 to 10, but 20 and above would be much more ideal.

With Open Site Explorer, Domain Authority is the metric to keep an eye out for. Scores that range from 7 to 10 or even more is worth your while. However, you’ll want to look for decent page authority too while you’re at it.

How to Contact Worthwhile Websites?

With your target websites in your crosshairs, it is time to get to contact their owners.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to locate their email address at their site. The easiest way to do so is by visiting their “Contact Us” page, which is normally found there. If you’ve got it, then you’ve saved yourself some time, but if not, then you have to check the headers or footers instead.

Another way to get their contact details is to carry out a Google search. What you need to do is to enter the company name in the input box and search for sites that have the email address of its owner listed.

Finally, you can also look at WHOIS information to get the data you need. If you aren’t familiar with WHOIS, it’s basically like the phone book of the Internet where you can learn about the details of a website’s owner. One way of doing this is by searching for the details of a particular site via whoisrequest.org.

Final Thoughts...

The process of reaching out to other websites for backlinks isn’t easy, but the results can be really worth it. Since it can be difficult, not many prioritise this in their SEO and can give those who do it well a competitive advantage. Besides getting a link from a higher authority website, you are also building a relationship which can help both of your brands in the long run.

Now is the time to get started and build those links that will help you move forward!

At Be Media, we are experts in helping businesses and brands increase their search engine rankings and overall visibility on the Web. We can provide you with the solutions to make you stand out from your competition. If you’re interested in our SEO outreach services, contact us today!

Why Do Outreach Links Matter So Much in SEO?
Outreach links are important in search engine optimisation since they:

Are an Affordable Way to Improve Rankings
Reaching out for links is a cheap way to let others know about your brand while improving your SEO. Take, for example, a local sports shop that uses the popularity of well-known bloggers. Whether they do it on their social channels or website, the establishment can get the word out about their spot even through casual reviews about their place.

As people search for sportswear in their area, the shop can easily show up in search queries due to the rankings provided by the bloggers they employed.

Create a New Audience...

SEO outreach also helps increase the chances of connecting with new audiences by way of shortening customer journeys. Since the primary objective in search optimisation is to let your brand be seen easily by your potential customers, then a solid online presence coupled with the right keywords and the right people to talk about them can make your sales funnel a lot easier to go through.

Enhance Online Presence...

SEO outreach links are pretty much the best links you can have for your website. Although organic links are easier to do, they rely a lot on providing excellent content as well as authority over your competition to work.

On the other hand, outreach links, even on their most basic form, develop an online presence via backlinks. They give visitors the option to check out your website and even persuade them to visit with well-optimised content. Besides that, readers can also tag the content of your business.

Increase Social Media Ranking

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are the top social channels right now that can rank businesses highly on search engines. They are so popular in fact that you can barely type the name of a company without their social network links showing up as well.

As a brand receives recognition by another with a stronger online presence, there is a higher likelihood that the latter’s followers will engage with the content of the former. Such a transaction on social media helps inform search engines that the shared content is valuable. This leads the search engines to increase the outreaching brand’s social channel rankings, making it easier for others to see them online.

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