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Reef Digital Agency
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We help our clients, who are marketers, to run better performing campaigns that accelerate growth and deliver a higher return on investment for their marketing budgets.

We do this by using channels like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Display Advertising, together, like a digital marketing ecosystem. The result is that you get performance now, in the short-term, while also solving the longer-term business problem of making your digital marketing a major driver for your organisation.

What sets us apart:

1. Experience. The average level of industry experience for a person at Reef is 6.5 years.

2. Strategy. We do take the time to understand your goals, your audience, and how your customers become your customers - what those journeys look like. We've created our own methodology for understanding this in order to establish a strong foundation for all the work we do together.

3. Data. We're masters at fixing broken tracking situations, so you have a clearer idea about what's working and to what extent, and that makes day to day decision making much easier.

"What gets measured, get's managed". Equally true is "What gets mis-measured, gets mis-managed."

Facts at a glance:
- We're based in North Sydney
- We're Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ads partners
- We won the 2019 Rising Star Agency award from Microsoft, for the APAC region
- One of the members on our SEO team, Joel, was recently a top 5 finalist for search marketer of the year in the male category, from Search Engine Land
- Philosophically, we follow the golden rule of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

For example, when you work with Reef:
-> Your accounts are yours
-> Your campaigns are yours
-> Your data and creative are yours
-> You get full access

We're simply here to help manage these powerful channels in the best way possible as a specialised extension of your team.

Location: Sydney

Hourly Rate: 0

Monthly Budget: ANY

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