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As an independent, Brisbane-based agency, we create digital products that transform the way people connect with brands. Creating highly engaging digital products that better address customer needs form the basis of our ambition as an agency - to humanise digital.

How We Work - Methodology:

We strive to create digital products that both anticipate user needs and deliver tangible business outcomes for our clients.

To do this requires an in depth understanding of our client’s business and their customers. So we have
designed and evolved our HX® methodology—our process for humanising digital experiences—over the last several years to maximise the value we deliver to clients and users.

We kick off projects with a thorough Exploration Phase - a deep dive into the opportunity to set a vision for success and map how we're going to get there based on commercial context, user work, content structure and technical scoping. The Exploration Phase concludes with the delivery of our HX® Strategy document, Scope of Work with a fixed quote and schedule for delivery. Once the Scope is finalised and signed off, we move into our Execution Phase which will be a collaborative and iterative process to build the digital asset in line with our strategic direction. Finally, once the the asset has been launched, we offer an Evolution Phase for the ongoing optimisation and enhancement of the tool to increase performance and commercial value over time.

Location: Brisbane

Hourly Rate: 180

Monthly Budget: $5,000 to $10,000

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