Frequently asked questions

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What is Digital Media Search?

Digital Media Search is a platform for companies and organisations looking to Connect and Compare Digital Media Marketing Service Providers in Australia.

Why Use Digital Media Search?

Save Time, Money and have the Digital Media Marketing Providers that want to work with you…come to you.

What are the benefits to using Digital Media Search instead of Googling “Digital Marketing in Australia?

  • Searching for Digital Marketing Companies will bring up adds, adds and more adds as you scroll but what to pick? Select your preferences on digital media search and we will match you with who you need and within your budget
  • Only verified & approved Digital Marketing Service Providers are granted permission to submit Digital Marketing Proposals to Companies
  • Speed of service
  • Real People that want to help you achieve your business growth goals

Does Digital Media Search provide guarantees as to the Digital Marketing Providers on the platform?

We cannot guarantee that every provider on the platform is going to give you a 20x ROI, but what we can say is that we speak to, and research every Digital Marketing Provider on the platform prior to approval and only the top get approved.

Does Digital Media Search provide Marketing Services itself?

No we don’t. There are many providers out there that do this a lot better than we ever would so instead we bring those people to you instead

Companies Looking for Digital Marketing Agencies or Marketers in Australia

I’m looking for a Digital Media marketing service, How do I go about it?


  1. Sign Up
  2. Create a Brief of what you are looking for and click submit
  3. Receive Proposals from Providers within 48 Hours
  4. Explore & Select

What Digital Media Marketing Services can I search for?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC & Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Direct Marketing
  • PR (Public Relations)

How do I approach Digital Marketing Providers?

No need to do it directly. Simply, Create a Brief, Receive the Proposals and then discuss the finer details before selecting the best Digital Partner for you.

Digital Marketing Agencies or Marketers in Australia looking for Companies

Why would we join?

Leads in the Digital Media world are expensive and 50-60% of the time when they land on your site, they bounce. Digital Media Search has real companies at the bottom of the funnel looking for your services.

What are the other Benefits?

Digital Media Search understand the value of leads and are happy for Digital Providers to use our Blog as a Backlink Service. Submit Great Content and if approved we will place in the blog for searchers and consumers to read.

How do I connect with the Companies on Digital Media Search?


  1. Sign Up
  2. Create a profile & go through the approval process (We want only the best)
  3. Receive Leeds that match your services and skill set
  4. Submit Proposals & Convert

I have been approached by a Company both on and off the Platform?

If you're already on our platform then you are already a trusted partner and understand the ethical standards we expect from all Digital Marketing Service Providers for when using the Digital Media Search platform.