Access new & verified clients every week.

Access new & verified clients every week.

If we can't deliver, we will give you your money back

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Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime no questions asked. If you are outside the trial priod you will still be charged for the current month of membership.

How secure is Digital Media Search ?

Protecting the data you entrust to us is our first priority. We use encryption at rest and in transit when handling all private user data.

What if we have not delivered?

If we have not delivered, on average, a new client each week, we will reimburse you the monthly fee. Don’t be haste though… Some weeks may bring more than 1 x Client. We are talking on “averages” and if we refund you, we will not be sending any more leads your way..

How many Digital Marketers/Agencies am I competing against?

We believe in Quality over Quantity…. Australian Only and we do not approve everyone! We have capped the number of Marketers & Agencies that we allow on the platform so as our clients don’t get bombarded. Also not all agencies offer the same services, so we send the clients to only the right place.

Why so inexpensive to access the new clients?

We also share in your success. By signing up and receiving access to new clients and us curating & verifying the client’s requirements, you are agreeing to accept a 10% (of the monthly contract value) success fee for a maximum of 3 months. If you are not happy with this, please do not sign up.

Excluding or Including of GST?

Our Fees are all excluding of GST.